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Vernley Ward Memorial Bursary

mini_vernley On Sunday, September 10, 2000, the diaspora of Q.C. alumni in general, and the New York Association in particular lost a stalwart with the passing of Vernley Ivor (V.I.) Ward. Vernley was one of the prime movers behind the birth of the New York Association, and as its elder statesman, had guided it through many years of continuous growth.

In Vernley’s memory, and with the ardent participation of his family, the New York Association has funded a Bursary that is awarded annually to a student who meets specific criteria. In this section of the site, we’ll honor the recipients of the Bursary, and in so doing, keep the flame of Vernley’s passion for the school – and the Alumni Association – alive.

There have been a number of winners since the Bursary’s inception. Here is the list of winners:

Name of Winner Year Awarded
Zelda Luke 2000
Shauna Scotland 2001
Ahaliya Persaud 2002
Reanna Parasram 2003
Rosanne Persaud/Varun Budhram 2004
Chaitram Singh 2005
Vinod Rampersaud 2006
Brett Johnson 2007
Marantha Persaud 2008
Naresh Ramratan 2009
Dinesh Sukhu 2010
Kibwey Peterkin 2011
Denzil Morrison 2012
Jonelle James 2013
Janelle Cadogan 2014
Britney Chin 2016


Criteria For Vernley Ward Bursary

The following are the criteria set by QCAANY for the Annual Awarding of the Vernley Ward Bursary.

  1. Student must have entered Queen’s College in 1st Form.
  2. Student must have earned a distinction “A” in Chemistry at O Level or its equivalent.
  3. Student must have been successful in Chemistry at A Level or its equivalent.
  4. Student must be currently enrolled for post-secondary studies at UG.
  5. The recipient of the award must have earned the highest overall average in 6th Form Chemistry at Queen’s College amongst the students who meet criteria 1 to 4.
  6. Funds will be paid directly to UG to aid tuition for student first year of attendance.
  7. Award will be a minimum of US $500.
  8. The decision of the Speech Day Prize Giving Team of Queen’s College will be final.

The Prize Giving Team independently assesses all candidates to determine qualification for this award.



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