About Us

We are the Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (New York), Inc., a not-for-profit group exempt from federal taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The Association exists to assist in the rehabilitation and revitalization of the Queen’s College of Guyana, and held its inaugural meeting at the Creole Market Place, 887 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, on August 21, 1991.

OUR MISSION, broadly, is: To further the interests of the Queen’s College of Guyana, with a view to ensuring its continued high level of contribution to education in Guyana. Specifically, the stated purposes of the Association are:

  • To help assure the stability of Queen’s College which contributes to academic excellence in Guyana.
  • To provide financial and other forms of material assistance to Queen’s College of Guyana.
  • To associate with any non-profit organization involved in assisting Guyanese in Guyana and elsewhere.
  • To formally associate with any other Queen’s College Old Students’ Association or any successor organizations.

Our mission, therefore, recognizes and supports the school’s motto: “Fideles Ubique Utiles” (translation: “Loyal and Useful Everywhere”).

OUR Constitution.
OUR Minutes & Reports.

WHEN AND WHERE WE MEET: Our meetings are held the second Sunday of every month, the exception being May, when we meet the first Sunday (the second Sunday of May being Mothers’ Day). Meetings are currently being held via the Zoom platform and commence at 2:00 PM.

MEMBERSHIP: Any alumnus or alumna is welcome to join us, regardless of the length of time spent at school. Membership dues are fifty dollars (US$50) annually and are fully tax deductible because of the Association’s non-profit status. Interested alumni may contact our Public Affairs Officer via e-mail or by writing to our registered address: 3709 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11234.

OUR ACTIVITIES: To advance its purposes, the Association engages solely and exclusively in charitable, educational, scientific and other non-profit activities which will ensure that it continues to qualify for tax-exempt treatment; and all donations made to the Association are tax-deductible. Funds to fulfill our mission are raised through several fundraising events:

  • A formal Ball, held around Easter, dedicated to the memory of a founding member, Vernley Ivor Ward.
  • A pre-Labor Day Bar-B-Que and fete.
  • A Christmas Party.

Plans to expand our range of activities are in the works and will be announced on this website, when finalized.

ASSISTANCE PROJECTS: Our commitment to the welfare of the school, its faculty and student body has been consistently demonstrated over the years, by our donations of tangibles and intangibles – all of which serve to enhance the faculty’s teaching and the students’ learning experiences. These donations form a hard core of support in our drive to keep moving the school forward. For an annual breakdown of our donations since 1996, please click here.


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