Donation History

Donations to Queen’s College Through the Years


  • Winston Lawrence McGregor Stuart Memorial Fund (US$2,224.00).


  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Brett Johnson (US$1,000 each year 2007/2008).
  • Computer Lab Equipment (US$11,200).
  • DSL Internet Service annual service charge


  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Vinod Rampersaud (US$1,000 each year 2006/2007).
  • Bio Lab Equipment (US $ 4000)
  • DSL Internet Service annual service charge


  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Chaitram Singh (US$1,000 each year 2005/2006).
  • Multi-media projector (US$1,000).
  • Provision of equipment for the Biology Laboratory (approximately US$4,000) will be finalized during the 2005-2006 fiscal year.


  • Phase I of high speed DSL Internet service to the school: installation and subscriptions to December 31, 2005 (approximately G$202,000).
  • Books for library – two barrels (US$100 each).
  • Vernley Ward Bursary Honors Board for auditorium (US$250).
  • Contribution for Physics lab equipment (US$4,600).
  • Flood relief donations to faculty, other staff and students – February and March, 2005 (US$4,000).
  • Flood relief donations to Guyana Red Cross – March, 2005 (US$500).
  • Vernley Ward Bursary Bursary – Rosanne Persaud and Varun Budhram (total of US$1,000 each year 2004/2005).


  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Reana Parasram (US$1,000 each year 2003/2004)


  • 27″ TV, VCR, DVD for multimedia room (US$1,000)
  • Educational videos and DVDs, and 100 years National Geographic on CD-ROM (US$600)
  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Ahiliyia Permaul (US$1,000 each year 2002/2003)


  • Books (230, handed over June 19, 2002)
  • Globes
  • Six metal cabinets, costing G$50,000 each, handed over June 24, 2002
  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Shauna Scotland (US$1,000 each year 2001/2002)


  • 100 folding chairs for the Music Room (handed over October 3, 2001)
  • Vernley Ward Bursary – Zelda Luke (US$1,000 each year 2000/2001)


  • US$1.5M of medical equipment to Georgetown Hospital and other hospitals.
  • “Book of Records” (by Laurence Clarke) on CD-ROM
  • US$5,000 in equipment for the science lab.


  • Air conditioners for school’s computer room lab.


  • Football (soccer) team uniforms
  • Computer equipment
  • Funds for the continued maintenance of the school.


  • The Association responded in a positive and timely manner to the needs of the Queen’s College family and the wider Guyanese community who were devasted by the floods in January and February, 2005. A total of US$4,000 was donated to students and faculty and US$1,500 to the Guyana Red Cross Society to assist affected communities.
  • In 2005, the Association joined with the United Kingdom Chapter to completely rehabilitate the school’s Physics laboratory, at a cost of over US$12,000. This is one of several projects jointly undertaken with other Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Chapters, worldwide.
  • Since 2000, the Association has funded annual bursaries to graduating seniors who have met a rigid set of criteria. The bursaries honor our late founding Chairman, Vernley Ivor Ward. To date, six such bursaries have been awarded and four of the winners have proceeded to pursue studies in Medicine.

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